Apr. 3rd, 2010

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Title: Some Whispers Around the Trees [also at AO3]
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Castiel/Dean, Sam.
Spoilers: Blanket S5 spoilers and specific spoilers for 5x16.
Warnings: Brief depictions of violence.
Word Count: 3754 words
Summary: The road was there, and the only way they knew was forward. (5x16 episode tag.)
Notes: Thank you to Shirozora for audiencing and betaing, and to jmtorres, as always, for listening to me talk about my fic. Thank you also to all the campfire fen who watched 5x16 with me. This is very much an episode tag, though not the flash fic I'd intended. Then again, my intention was to wring a hopeful note out, and the end of that episode left me with a long way to go to reach anything like hope. "Cinder & Smoke" was my soundtrack for writing this, and the title is from the same. There is one line in here with an idea that I stole from someone's Delicious (I think Pru's? I'm not sure. I have been bonding with Delicious a lot lately looking for AU Castiel/Dean fic I haven't read yet, and no one's Dean/Castiel tag has been safe from my grabby hands), because the thought of Castiel and champagne was one I could not resist. Half of this is for Dagni, and half for Lizfu, because I agreed entirely with her reaction of "Castiel ;_;" though I would also like to add in a loud "Oh, BOYS ;_;" They are all in serious need of hugs.

Dean disappeared out the door, and Sam packed up their belongings )


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