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Title: Happily Ever After With Goats [Also at AO3]
Rating: Teen and up
Pairings/Characters: Hawke/Varric, references to past Anders/Hawke, Fenris/Hawke.
Spoilers: Spoilers for the entire game.
Warnings: References to canon character death, some violence. (highlight to read).
Word Count: 5488
Summary: "There's no trouble you can't outrun with a fast ship and a good crew." Hawke only wishes this were true. In which they take to the open seas, start a farm, and fail at traditional romance.
Notes: I blame bessemerprocess for letting me know that Dragon Age 2 came out on the release date.

Isabela spoke first. )
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Title: A Year of Wednesdays [Also at AO3]
Rating: Mature. (As of now, I am switching to AO3 ratings.)
Pairings/Characters: B.A./Murdock, Face, Hannibal.
Spoilers: This is movie 'verse, but has missions in the vein of the original show. Besides the movie/tv show premise, also has minor references to some events in the movie.
Warnings: Not permanent character death, gunshot wounds, explosions, mental distress, the lake that just won't die (highlight to read).
Word Count: 5399
Summary: Murdock has super powers! Or he is stuck in a time loop. Maybe both!
Notes: [personal profile] the_wanlorn gave me the prompt "time loop" when I was asking for B.A./Murdock story ideas, and then she was awesome enough to audience the whole thing a few paragraphs at a time. She is the best. ♥

The first day, Murdock didn't notice anything off. )
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Title: Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After [also at AO3]
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Castiel/Dean, Becky/Chuck, Lucifer/Sam, past Dean/Lisa, Michael, Bobby, and other minor appearances from a slew of cast members.
Spoilers: General S5 spoilers, with major spoilers for 5x22.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 7638 words
Summary: In which Becky and Dean search for Chuck and Sam, Castiel discovers a love of milkshakes, Sam regrets being a good Samaritan, and Lucifer is still entirely too interested in Sam's body for Sam's peace of mind.
Notes: This is unabashed post-finale crack! I wrote it for [personal profile] grey_bard, who wanted Castiel/Dean and something regarding finale spoilers when she won tiny-fic from me in my pre-finale speculation poll. I was thinking I'd write each winner around 200 words or so. I invite you to contemplate the word count and laugh at me. Thank you, [personal profile] the_wanlorn and [personal profile] jmtorres, for audiencing it, and thank you, [personal profile] jmtorres and [personal profile] lizfu, for betaing.

Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After )


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