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Name:everysecondtuesday's fic
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This is the fic comm for [personal profile] everysecondtuesday. For the most complete collection of links of her fic, in Supernatural, Psych, Naruto, Fakenews, and many more, check out her fic Delicious. AO3 and DW update before LJ, and DW is collecting works LJ doesn't have. All of [ profile] tuesdayfic's works from before [community profile] tuesdayfic have been made available on Dreamwidth (with very brief overlap) at [personal profile] tuesdayficarchived.

[ profile] tuesday, [personal profile] tuesdayficarchived, [ profile] everysecondtues, and [ profile] tuesdayfic are also all Tuesday.

Remix/pod fic/other transformative works policy: If it's not already clear by my writing fic, I am a major fan of transformative works! I don't believe you need my permission to pod fic my stories, remix them, draw art from them, or otherwise engage with them, but you definitely have it! If you'd like to send me a link to your work, though, I would be delighted. For direct translations, I have several older stories I am currently reworking for a variety of reasons, so I would prefer you ask me first.
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